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EscZine is the unofficial “Bible” for Eurovision fans – the guide to the contest for the more than 40 OGAE (Organisation Générale des Amateurs de l'Eurovision) and associated fan clubs all over Europe and indeed the world.

When the OGAE was formed in Finland in 1984, information on the Eurovision Song Contest was sometimes difficult to come by. The fans began to exchange their knowledge in photocopied newsletters. These later developed into a magazine, “OGAE News”, which was published several times a year initially in Israel, later in France and then in Germany. The original magazine grew in size to become the “EuroSong News” in 1996.

With the rise of the Internet and international fan websites, the need for a “news” magazine subsided and “EuroSong News” developed into an annually published “Handbook” for the ESC, which documented the national finals and selection procedures of the competing countries. Entirely independent, the magazine is compiled from contributions received from the national clubs, and provides a unique and unbiased reference work which enjoys popularity not only with fans, but with journalists and commentators of the contest.

Each 164 page limited edition handbook documents the path to the ESC for every competitor. Every national selection is reviewed, complete with listings of all the competing songs, artists and results. There are full-page colour photos and biographies of all the artists. Tables provide the running order for both of the semi-finals. Also included are flashbacks to the previous years' contest, with the result tables and voting breakdowns for all three shows. A foreword is provided by Jon Ola Sand, Executive Supervisor of the Eurovision Song Contest.

A must for every Eurovision fan.

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